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The Insurance Restoration Process


If you decide to move forward with the insurance restoration process and we get denied by your insurance company, there is NO COST to you! If you are approved we do the job per the insurance estimate for the insurance dollar amount, NO MORE, NO LESS & you only pay your deductible!

First we call your Insurance provider...

p>Then an adjuster will be assigned to your case once your claim is filled. Following the call you will receive your claim number. We will be present alongside your insurance company as they inspect for damage, to manage any contraction issues and provide an applicable and thorough restoration process.

Next, the Insurance Adjusters evaluation.

Once your insurance company approves your repairs and the funds have been released, it is now time to pick out your material colors. Your insurance company will only pay for the material specifications and quality you currently have. The good news is every single one of Diamond Home Remodeling's customers will receive an upgrade for the monthly promotions we run all year long as a thanks for choosing Diamond Home Remodeling and trusting us to deliver true to our mission statement and pledge of commitment for your home improvement needs.

Now the works in motion.

After your Project Manager has assisted you with your selection and received a deposit for materials, the materials will be delivered to your property within 48 hours prior to your install. Your Project Manager or our General Manager will advise and coordinate your production schedule. Your Project Manager will always be your point of contact. Should any questions or concerns arise, of course you can always contact the office for assistance.

Almost done.

You may receive phone calls from your insurance company asking about the process of your project, this is common. If the work is 90% complete it is important to relay this to them to ensure the depreciation check has been released.

And Finally...

When your project is complete, has been inspected by your project manager & all funds have been released by your insurance company, your Project Manager or our Customer Relations Specialist will present you with your warranties and final paperwork upon the final payment.

Information on Hail/Wind Damage

How does Hail impact your Roof?

Hail can cause various types of damage to your roof and just your home in general. This damage is often unseen or very hard to notice, it takes a great deal of training to be able to identify hail damage.

  • Granule Loss: Hail impact removes protective granules sometimes leaving the asphalt surfaces of the shingle directly exposed to elements. Loss of granules generally happen directly after a storm or periodically over time through weathering of these effected areas may because more visible, by then it's to late.
  • Cracks in Shingle: A crack can be microscopic but can let serious amounts of elements penetrate the outside layer of your roof. Cracks generally radiate outwards and grow in size over time & can lead to...
  • Cracked Fiberglass Mat: A cracked Fiberglass mat can leave your roof fully exposed, leaving the asphalt vulnerable to constant degradation. Over time these types of damages can cause larger leaks, root, mold, as well as structural problems in some extreme cases.
  • Loose seal strip: Hail can sometimes hit the seal strip and loosen the seal, making your shingles vulnerable to blow off. Most of the time this occurs with wind that accompanies a hail event. In some cases even a Wind storm can cause your shingles to become creases and this is not detectable from the ground. This actually will give you all of the previously mentioned issues above on a larger scale.

Hail can also impact your home hitting your siding. Many older homes are clad in metal (aluminum) which is very susceptible to being dented, actually creating small spacing between the panels for water to penetrate during wind driven rain. Even vinyl, asbestos & wood shakes may be brittle and again can easily be damaged when struck by hail. Cracks may impact the weatherproofing of your home and may make your home vulnerable to damage, leaking or even blow off in windstorms.

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Diamond Home Remodeling's industry professionals, are HAAG certified in identifying all types of damage that might usually be missed. Your roof & or siding may be hiding damage from you, let us help you find it.

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