Tar and Gravel Roofing in Annapolis

If you're looking to upgrade your commercial roofing system, tar and gravel roofing could be the right choice. Tar and gravel roofing has become one of the most popular roofing materials for flat roofs and for good reason – not only are they affordable but they're durable and easy to maintain too.

Our experts also have years of extensive experience installing these and other roofing products and we promise to make your experience quick and easy!

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Is a Tar Flat Roof the Right Choice for Your Business?

One of the oldest and most widely used ways to protect a business is to use a tar flat roof solution that offers protection for 20+ years with proper installation methods and regular maintenance inspections. Is it the right selection for your business?

No matter which industry you’re in, you’ll need a reliable roof over your head to focus on the business at hand. Choosing dependable roofing specialists with plenty of experience and a long record of delighted clientele is a smart way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget.

Connect with our licensed technicians to discuss the details of your structure. We’re looking forward to answering your questions and giving you a detailed estimate.

Affordable Built-Up Tar and Gravel Roof Installation

The durability and value of a built-up tar and gravel roof installation lie in the experience and capabilities of your roof installers. When you want guaranteed affordable solutions, look no further than our full suite of tar and rock roof services.

Our precision installation process begins with matching you with the best pricing on tar and gravel roofing materials of the highest quality. Once you’ve approved our estimate, we’ll set a date for your installation and ensure the materials we need will be on-site when we arrive to begin work.

Protect your investment while meeting economic demands when choosing a reliable team of dedicated professionals with plenty of experience solving problems and providing impeccable craftsmanship. Simply dial our number to book a risk-free consultation.

Tar and Gravel Roof Repair: Prompt Solutions You Can Always Depend On

Are you dealing with a leaking roof or damage that puts your investment at risk of water penetration, safety risks, and loss of value?

If your recent maintenance inspection has indicated one or more of the following issues, we recommend acting quickly to resolve the problem before more costly issues can arise:

  • Leaks
  • Cracks
  • Broken seals
  • Degradation of surface materials
  • Blocked drainage
  • Damage to structure internally

When you hire us to complete your gravel roof repair, our thorough inspection process allows us to get to the root of the problem and propose actionable solutions to eliminate issues fast. Are you experiencing issues we haven’t outlined above? Don’t hesitate to reach us to discuss the specifics of your situation with a qualified professional that puts your best interests first.

Phone our team to get started with a risk-free estimation.

When to Consider Tar and Gravel Roof Replacement

When maintenance has been overlooked for long periods, tar and gravel roof replacement may be necessary to ensure the safety and longevity of your commercial space. In this case, we’ll help you determine if a full or partial replacement is better suited to your goals. We’re looking forward to helping your company align with objectives in a way that is respectful of your budget—without cutting any corners.

Sit down with our top-recommended tar and gravel roofing contractors to discuss value-driven roof replacement options.

Discover the Benefits of Tar and Gravel Roofing


As far as flat roofs are concerned, tar and gravel roofing is the most economical by far. The total cost of your installation will depend on the size of your roof, but our team will be happy to provide you with more detailed pricing information before we get to work.

Sun and Fire Protection

Another benefit to tar and gravel roofing is the protection it provides against UV rays. It is also a fantastic fire retardant!


Tar and gravel roofing is simple yet attractive in a sleek way. It isn't an eyesore to decks or balconies built above it – and it's flat nature makes it easy to complete maintenance on the off chance it's needed.

Long Lasting

Your tar and gravel roof will last at least twenty years without maintenance – and with strict maintenance, it may survive up to 40!

Work with the Area's Best Roofers

Our team has been working in the industry for years and we have the tools, skills, and expertise to get the job done right. We specialize in working on commercial properties and understand and appreciate the unique nature of these services. When you own a business, you don't have time to wait around or pause your operation for an upgrade. You need it completed fast.

Our experts will arrange a time that is convenient to conduct the initial consultation as well as the installation, and we'll work hard to do so efficiently so you can get back to serving your customers – all under a sturdy new roof!

Safe and Insured Tar and Gravel Roofers

No one wants to have any liabilities or hazards on their residence. With roofers, it’s important to take a methodical and cautious approach. Especially for high commercial buildings, safety and coverage are essential. You want a team that reduces liabilities at every step of the roofing process. Rest assured, our roofers are all insured and trained in the safest roofing methods.

Because your roof is one of the most expensive aspects of your property, you will want to hire a team that will take caution to care appropriately for it.

We come prepared with up-to-date liability insurance for your convenience should an injury or damage occur. In the rare case that it does, you can be confident that you are covered. We also act with care toward your building, ensuring that the tar and gravel installation or repair process doesn’t harm its safety or integrity.

By carrying all the necessary insurance and licensing accreditation we need to keep you and your property covered, you can feel confident when you choose our team.

Tar and Gravel Is a Superior Roofing Option

A traditional roofing system that has stood the test of time, Diamond Home Remodeling Inc. provides standard tar and gravel roofing system that are reinforced with state-of-the-art modern roofing technology that includes layers of waterproof roofing materials of asphalt and tar paper topped off with protective layer of gravel for superior protection that stands up well against any form of abrasion and UV ray damage. Our licensed and insured roofing specialists provide skilled tar and gravel roof installations, repair and maintenance for commercial and residential buildings in Annapolis.

Tar and gravel Roof Installation

Tar and Gravel roofs are a popular choice due to their cost effectiveness and ease of installation. Trained Diamond Home Remodeling Inc. roofing technicians begin by installing the roof membrane followed by several layers of fiberglass canvas alternating with hot asphalt. The final layer consists of a fine coating of gravel to prevent damage from the sun and any form of abrasion.

Don’t worry – our team has plenty of experience installing gravel and tar roofing systems and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you. We will take our time, paying close attention to the details while working diligently to complete your installation without delay.

Keeping Your Tar and Gravel Roof Well Maintained

Since tar and gravel applications are most commonly installed on low sloped or flat roofs in Annapolis, they are eventually prone to water pooling and moisture infiltration over time. Regular maintenance from Diamond Home Remodeling Inc. roofing professionals helps to extend beyond the average 20 year lifespan of a built-up layered roofing system. Roof leaks on a built-up roofing system typically occur near flashings, eaves and chimney and are often caused by high winds that has worn down surface gravel and exposed the surface to the sun’s rays. The early signs of problems with built-up roofing is blistering and cracking ion the roof surface that if not addressed promptly will eventually lead to roof leaks, moisture damage in the form of mold and mildew and may require complete roof restoration. Diamond Home Remodeling Inc. provides qualified roof inspections and recommends regular tar and gravel roof maintenance to protect your investment and ensure long lasting performance. Our experienced team of roofers provides skilled expertise in all areas of tar and gravel roofing applications that include tar and gravel roofing solutions that are affordable and help your systems last longer.

Long-Lasting Tar and Gravel Roofs

With any new roof installation or repair, durability is your top priority. You don’t want to have to call a roofer soon to address an issue that’s developed quickly. A tar and gravel roof is the perfect option to keep your home dry throughout any weather. Tar and gravel protect against the elements and can withstand heavy rainfall and hail damage. If you have a large flat roof on your building, it’s essential to select a material that can withstand moisture since a flat roof prevents rain from falling off the edge.

Due to their ability to withstand the elements, tar and gravel roofs can easily last up to 25 years, though if proper maintenance measures and preventative precautions are taken, they can even last for 40 years. With our quality materials and attention to detail, our roofs are well known for their resiliency to weather and durability over time. Trust us to give you a roof that can stand the test of time.

A Roofing Company that Prioritizes Customer Care

At Diamond Home Remodeling Inc., we know that it's our approach to customer care and satisfaction that sets us apart from the competition in the area. We know that every client has a different set of needs and expectations when it comes to replacing their roof and we'll work hard to find out yours.

If you have questions or concerns before, after, or during the roof installation process please let our representatives know. We'll be available to chat with you at the drop of a hat and we look forward to doing so.

Advantages of a Tar and Gravel Roofing System

Ease of installation – As a time tested roofing option in use and refined over several decades, Diamond Home Remodeling Inc. roof installers have extensive experience and knowledge with the most advanced industry techniques that result in efficient tar and gravel roof installations for home and commercial buildings across Annapolis.

Long Lasting Performance – With regular professional maintenance a tar and gravel roof can last 30 years or more. Tar and gravel is extremely sturdy and highly damage resistant.

Exceptional UV Ray Protection - Harmful UV rays are deflected from the durable surface layer of gravel on a built-up roofing system that not only keeps it cooler, but helps it last longer.

Cost-Effective – Less expensive than other roofing systems with synthetic membranes, the cost to benefit ratio of a tar a gravel roof is a sound investment that is easy to maintain and repair.

Professional Roof Inspections

If you already have a tar and gravel roof but aren’t sure if it’s still in good shape, a professional inspection might be in order. Our inspection services include checking both the inside and outside of your roof for any problems or potential issues that could develop. We will walk around the entire property taking note of the condition of your roof. This inspection will allow us to identify any necessary repairs or replacements.

We will compile a detailed report to show you all the elements of concern with your roof and then convene with you to discuss the extent of any repairs you may need. It’s always better to fix a problem before it becomes more serious than to wait and face more extensive repairs. Overall, our inspection services are here to save you money in the long term.  

Get in touch today if you are curious about the state of your roof and the health and safety of your commercial property.

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